Thursday, March 6, 2008

Three going on thirty.

Lyric says to me in the car today out of nowhere
"If you ever can't come home I'll take care of your baby for you."

me:"What do you mean?"

L:"If you died or got lost I would keep Kaliya as my baby and make her happy all the time. Dont worry about your baby."

I was so caught offguard that all I said was "Thank you." What a deep- thinking little soul I have. And one lucky little baby.


Melynda said...

Wow! What a special girl you have! That is really beautiful.

alexis said...

oh my god. im tearing up.

ps. we have a staff meeting at 6pm this sunday. would it be horribly inconvient to come to our place for a semi-early dinner?

Alisha said...

makes you think what she saw to have her make that connection. kids dont miss anything!

K Elliott said...

Wow! That's like a Hallmark card or made for TV movie. I'm tearing up too.

Crystal said...

Update yer damn blog woman!