Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthing Day to Me.

Well as of yesterday I have been a mommy for exactly 3 years now. Wow. I can remember delivering Lyric into the world like it was yesterday. Perhaps thats becasue L watches her birth story every other day lol. Seriously though March 3rd will always be a proufoundly important day to me. The day I became mommy. I think it strange that birthdays are not a shared day of celebration for the mother and child. Sadly this thought never even crossed my mind as a daughter and it is too late for me now to honor my own mother on my birthday. If you have a mother, surprise her this year with a flower and a card that says "Happy Birthing Day." I can almost promise you your birthday was profound and transformational for her; especially if you are her oldest or only child. Sometime in the future I have alot to write about what it is like to become a mother without your mother around. There is alot for me to say.
On a related note I highly encourage you to see the documentary "The Business of Being Born." It is great and I love the message that birthing is a transforming experience and not just "one day of your life." See it. Then talk to me about it.


alexis said...

where can i find this movie? online?

Gem said...

Its not out on dvd yet but will be in a few weeks and I'll have a copy.

kim said...

Happy birthing day Gemma...Connors' birthday was March 4th.... interesting both are pisces.